For those of you who read my last post and liked it or followed my blog; I am truly grateful!

Colorado 2020

Well I thought my inability to say no to bad food was my only issue vacationing for the 4th of July. In my last blog post I shared my inner battle with eating. I admit I did eat a few things that were way off from my normal eating plan (Optavia).

But…there’s a big but! Something else wasn’t right with me. My wife and I both felt sick from the first nights meal instantly. The food was good and no one else got sick, just us. I thought it was our bodies telling us we overate but no it was a fairly good day of eating healthy. We discovered that the garlic used in the meal was the culprit. Something about the type of garlic and how it mixed with the other ingredients made my wife and I’s stomachs turn into a volcano of acid indigestion. Instant belches and bloated tummies was how we spent the rest of our evening. As I said last time I spent the night in our room reading and burping up awful smelling remains of a sinister garlic assault!

…what is wrong with me?

The rest of our trip in Colorado my stomach wasn’t right. It didn’t matter what I ate or drank everything made me feel sickly. I love our annual trip to Colorado for the 4th; it’s what we look forward to every year just as much as we do for Christmas. I decided I would just limit myself and maybe exercise.

My brother in law is a beast! He workouts for 2 hours 5 days a week. His training is so intense he sweats through his clothes and even his socks, crazy I know. Well my wife worked out one day with him at the vacation house we rented and she got a crazy workout and was beat the rest of the day. They offered to have me come along and I happily declined.

The following day I told them I’d give it a go, I didn’t want my wife to show me up. “This isn’t vacation…this is hell!” I kept saying this within the first 30minutes of the workout. Who does this type of workout? Really? Two hours of this is brutal, I’m a 30 minute to an hour gym rat on a good day. Squats, lunges and running mixed in with low altitude equals a grown man wanting to cry in the fetal position. Weak I know, but I can handle hard work but this was torture.

I did it, I finished. Intense intervals filled with free weights, logs from the fire wood stack, weird motivational music (not mine) and my daughter watching trying to commentate the whole experience. The gold medal goes to my bro in law. I’m happy watching from the stands cheering him on…

Soreness and tummy aches

I spent the rest of the day moaning and groaning every time I stood up or sat down. Our kids spent a lot of time downstairs, if they needed something I couldn’t go, I felt like crawling was the best I could offer. I did sleep well that night but found it impossible to even turn over to change positions in bed.

The next day it was worse. I woke up extremely sore and my stomach was still off. Not hunger pains just off. I had some coffee and it wasn’t settling. I felt like maybe if I sat in the hot tub it would help with the soreness. My daughter kept asking me to go so she could play, she can’t go alone for safety reasons so I indulged her and made it a two for one deal. Bad idea, the combination of hot coffee a few minutes before, a late morning wake up about 8:30am and the weekend forecasted with hotter mornings turned my moment of relaxation into a lobster boil!

Hot tubs are great but this was an awful idea, my daughter was even thinking it was a poor choice for her too. Just too hot for comfort. Hot water boiling around you with the Rocky Mountain sun beating down on you makes for an unpleasant experience. Instantaneously my body was in shock, I sat inside sweating and shaking with my stomach screaming at me. “What is wrong with me?” I said this over and over trying to cool down. Over heated must of been the problem.

The rest of day I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even sit down without every muscle in my legs tighten or hurt.

Again my stomach was sick. Water wouldn’t even help. I was hungry and thirsty but nothing could quench it. I downed at least 20 Tums that day. I ended up eating dinner that night but it was very minimal. Again I’m a broken record, my stomach was a volcano mixed with a tornado.

Skipping ahead to our last night, I couldn’t eat or drink. All I wanted to do was puke. Puking sucks. I hate it, I remember as a kid crying as I puked, not sure if it was the mere shock of food exiting my body the same route as it went in or just being a kid and that’s what they do in pain.

That night our sleeping arrangements were changed since my son fell asleep in our bed. So I decided to sleep in another room alone. I wasn’t feeling well anyways. That night I woke up about 2am and I found myself cradling my own stomach like a pregnant woman unknowingly in my sleep. The pain was real, real bad. This was my signal to myself you’re going to puke tonight, something you ate is making its exit if you like it or not. I was happy it came to this, I wanted the pain to stop! I was hungry and annoyed, my favorite trip was ruined.

I laid there hopelessly holding my stomach waiting for the final countdown. It was coming and I was ready. A few minutes pass by I’m in the bathroom arguing with my stomach mentally telling it “to just come out!” “I’m sick of being sick you SOB!” It got quiet, then the volcano of pain erupted and I was puking! Gross I know but this was a good thing I was finally going to feel better.

I was worried I was keeping my nephew up since he was next to the bathroom but nope no one knew. I cleaned myself up and made it back to the bed. I was victorious and still weak. I woke up the next day and no one know what I had experienced that night. So I shared the news and she was relieved but laughed a little too. Not sure why she laughed but maybe it was out of joy knowing I wasn’t going to be crying about myself stomach anymore.

So what was it?

I had a stomach bug! Not food or poor health choices just a good old fashioned bug. I ended up spending that day in bed once we made the trek home from Colorado. I slept for hours and I’d wake up and get some sprite and sleep more. My wife felt bad now, she knew it had to be a bug if I was sleeping so much. It took a few days to eat normal but all is well.

Who’s hungry!? Hot tub anyone!?

Original blog by Kurt Neil

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