We decided to move a couple months ago and the final move out and move-in date was set. After a grueling week of moving, unpacking, and organizing in our new home we finally got it finished. Yeah, in one week we unpacked and set up everything, my wife is a go-getter. How does she do all of it and stay on her healthy lifestyle?

The older I get the more I need routine. As with my eating I really need a set regime or I go off track. With 4th of July and then moving my schedule got out of whack. So guess what happens, my determination to eat healthy and workout goes with it. I also came down to just protein powder my fuelings I have been using with Optavia. Trying to navigate in a new home, new town and new food options, I have become off routine in the real world!

Anyone find themselves to fall prey to self-sabotage? I wonder why food is such a hard habit to break? We all need food and I would say we all like food, it’s a given. I’m one to fall prey to accessible food i.e. candy trays, chips, sunflower seeds, and popcorn.

My mother-in-law always has a candy tray at her house and it usually has seasonal candy in it or candy for the grandkids. I am a sucker to it, I walk by and look and walk away, I walk by again and look and grab one and split. A few minutes later, there I am like a mischievous raccoon swiping 2-4 pieces of candy and splitting again looking around for my wife so I don’t get scolded. I can eat a whole bag of Easter jelly beans in one visit if no one stops me. This week it was salt water taffy, one of my favorites.

I have been using the Optavia Optimal Health program (2nd time) and I made sure that the food I selected for my month’s supply was easy prepackaged food I could grab and go. My job keeps me on my toes throughout the week so with the combo of that and restaurants being shutdown in my neck of the woods I don’t take a normal lunch break or go out to eat. The hard part I was facing was the prepackaged fuelings were getting slim and I was down to the protein powder packs. I had to be more proactive on how I used them being in a mobile position.

What I learned:

  • Take a cold water bottle or buy one
  • Use a protein shake cup with the blender ball
  • Mix the water and powder in your cup
  • Drink up

Yes, it’s that easy. I was getting in my own way and whining a little to myself that I had to actually think how I was going to use my food (fuelings). It was a duh moment when I had the tools in my own kitchen and all I had to do was just use them.

If you have an interest in the Optavia optimal health program take a look at their site Optavia.com, (not a sponsored plug) Or if you’re interested in both of my journeys with Optavia check out my Youtube channel below.

I started my second journey at 250 pounds and I’m down to 233 pounds. The system works and I recommend it. Try out the website or my You tube videos and see how it can help. Thanks for reading I’ll catch you next time.

Original blog by Kurt Neil

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