Our 4th of July tradition for over 10 years have been to travel to Colorado and rent a vacation home or condo. This year due to Corona our plans were up in the air. We weren’t able to stay in our beloved Telluride, Co for the nervousness of the town having so many global travelers that frequent the small mountain town and lodge came to a halt.

We did go to Colorado and found a great vacation home that is very nice with picturesque views, wild turkeys, and food that could feed an army! This year is a little different, the food is set up for Keto. That’s a relief. I’ve been using the Optavia optimal health program for the past 2 months and down almost 20 pounds. My day consists of 5 fuelings and 1 lean & green for dinner. The lean & green is mainly 6 ounces of protein and a cup of veggies.

As we were packing up to come I had a separate bag of my Optavia fuelings and my wife asked me, “why are you bringing all your own food?””Well I had hoped to stay on the plan…” She mentioned that would be silly if we were eating keto food the whole time. So, I agreed to bring some but once we got here I’m not even sure where they are now. Did I actually bring them…As I type I can’t even remember what I did now, Hmmm?

On the way up we stopped and had lunch at a local restaurant (We did bring our masks). The menu had so many tasty options, desserts and fancy coffees. I settled for a small steak, with greens and grits. I don’t even like grits something about the texture doesn’t sit well, but these grits were like homemade mashed potatoes. I was set on not finishing the whole meal due to the size and I normally don’t eat a full meal for lunch. But this food wasn’t your basic restaurant meal, this food was fine cuisine. The kind of establishment that doesn’t put the full Dollar and cents amount on their menu, just the dollar(s).

“…Too good to not finish!”

What is it about the holidays or vacations that food is the main object? When is the first meal? After many activities and/or laziness we look toward food. I’m not a food hater, I love food. Food makes me happy and comforted. It also makes me gain weight and lose weight. Food is an essential commodity to our existence as humans. My food at lunch was too good to not finish. The rest of the gang ordered rosemary buttered French fries. I of course fell prey to the sampling of them I haven’t had fries in a couple of months, just a little bit and of course a little more.

I did finish my meal. I also finished some of my son’s food and some more fries. Then the kids got desserts. Come on really!? They had to get desserts, my insides are already feeling full and a little bloated, but no I caved and had to sample my son’s favorite dessert, Carrot cake. I don’t really like carrot cake that much, something about putting a vegetable in a dessert just seems wrong or backwards. I really was ok when I left the restaurant, yes I was full bot not sick.

The drive from the restaurant to the vacation home was only a 30min drive. When we got there we unloaded all the bags and ice chests with our food. We always have tons of food for our group of 9. Yes, there was a lot of keto friendly desserts and snacks. We did partake in some homemade cashew crunch my sister in law made. It was so good and hard to stop eating.

The food settled. I was in the early on set of a food coma. Was it the thin Rocky Mountain air? Maybe. I was so sleepy I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I ended up taking a nap. I woke up about 45 mins later feeling quite full. THEN CAME DINNER. We picked a simple meal, tacos.

My wife bought some chips that were a “healthy” chip. I decided to make a small nacho plate. I love Mexican food. I grew up on it and still love it, but this time it didn’t love me. I was instantly feeling overly full mixed with some very gross burps. The kind of burps that can clear a room. The rest of the evening I was sick. I had some coffee with my favorite keto dessert that my wife makes me. I love it, its so good that it doesn’t taste healthy.

We played a board game and the burps and heartburn continued to worsen. Dang it! I knew it. I just can’t stop myself from over eating. These words plague my mind every time I eat something I shouldn’t. I’m my own worse enemy, that’s why I started Optavia for the second time in two years. Why is food so good and so bad for us? The food I ate wasn’t all bad, it was just more than I usually eat. Ok, I lied! I’m lying to you and myself. There was a lot of healthy keto food mixed with sugar filled food.

I ended up retiring early to bed, early as in I’m too sick and on the verge of puking so I’ll hide myself in bed away from the common folk. All night I was full, gassy, mad at myself and wondering when I was going to puke. My wife was actually sickly too. Being she has been eating very clean and minimal herself. She doesn’t even need to lose weight, she’s very health conscience, beautiful and active.

What’s your struggle? Is food your kryptonite? Maybe it’s an alcoholic drink or gambling. I’m sure there’s something we all can relate to. Something pulls us back to our worse version of ourselves we hate or battle with. You’re not alone. I’m not alone. I’m guilty of self sabotage, Ive been fighting my own self for well over 30 years. Whether its food or addiction. You can fight it. I can fight it. Our kryptonite in our lives can be beat. It’s a day to day process. We may fail or fall its what we do with it when it happens is what matters. Have you fallen or failed? It’s ok, let’s learn from it and keep moving forward. Till next time…

Original blog by Kurt Neil

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