For those who have known me since a child know me as a good kid from a good family. Those who knew me in high school know me as a good kid, from a good family, but with a dark side. Right, a dark side that haunts me everyday being that I still live in my hometown. A dark haunting filled with regrets, mistakes and bad experiences lingering on the streets of our town. I wish I could say it was just High School but I can’t. My past followed me to my graduation day and it didn’t stop. Moving away for a semester was a good break but coming back threw me to the wolves the moment I got across the state line.

My past was written on my forehead like a beacon. Those who I hurt or took advantage of were left in the wake of my actions. Their lives engraved by the actions of a lost boy trying to be a man in a man’s world. I took a job during the summer that kept me so busy I was too tired to be social. I decided to leave the state again but this time for 10 months. This was a turning point, my new friends and new town opened up a world to me that the life I lived back home didn’t have to be my future. I could turn a new leaf.