If anyone is like me getting older seemed like our lives would be complete. You know, the freedom to stay up late, eat whatever we want when we want, spend my money how we wanted and no one could tell us what to do!

Yes! Right!? Be my own boss, be my own person! No one to stand in my way. It’s me against the world. (More like me against me)

But here’s the thing about being older….No one told me about the body aches, the gray hairs, or lack there of, the extra food meant extra weight, the lavish spending goes straight to bills or payments and groceries! My kid’s clothes keep shrinking as they grow, apparently they need new shoes all the time!

More responsibility, then we add a spouse and these little humans called kids…

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. I love being a husband, dad, uncle and an adult. My main complaint, well more of a realization. With age comes new challenges.

This is what I am realizing being that I just turned the age of 38 this year. I have inherited my mothers health issues. I feel as if everyday there’s a new part of my body that is hurting or sore for no reason at all. I have weak wrists, tennis elbow, joint pains in my hands that is no help in a physically demanding job. I yawned yesterday and made my jaw hurt! Quite sad.

My bedtime routine used to be a simple task. Now my bedtime and morning routine includes, ointments, pain relievers, creams, lip balm, mouth guard and a sound machine. I once made fun of my mom for all her pills and vitamins, I now have about the same amount and requirements to go to bed and to function. What a life! I can’t wait to get older!

Getting old doesn’t have to be so awful

It’s amazing to think that one of the biggest industries out there is the health and fitness industry. There are diets upon diets, workouts upon workouts, gyms that are open 24hrs a day and you get your own personal key for access. We’ve become so obsessed with our health and aging that we don’t have to leave our own homes, we can now stream our workout classes or fitness needs at our fingertips.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing the health and fitness industry in any way. I am the one with a blog about personal process and personal betterment. To be truthful I’m the one who needs the industry more than anyone. My aches and pains are mostly from being a fluctuating weight gainer.

“It’s me against me…”

Yes, that’s right. I need help with my personal health. Getting older is some of it but not all of it. I’m the one who chose to eat a bowl of Fruity pebbles. I ate all my kids’ cookies. I bought too many gas station treats. I do know better. I realize it’s affecting me and how my body responds to the weight gain, my sleep is less, my motivation is stunted. Even my ability to perform in the bedroom is affected.

So why!? Why do I fluctuate? Why can’t I maintain a healthy weight?

Here’s my weakness:

1. Stress 2. Cravings 3. No accountability 4. Genetics

What is this blog In the process inc?

We are all in process. We are trying to be better people, better parents, better friends, better our careers, and better our personal health.

We can’t all be perfect. We can’t expect ourselves to always get it right but we can at least try.

To be encouraged continue to Push Hard, Push Through and Push Beyond.

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