What’s with them and why are they so awkward?

My family and I just recently went on a vacation to a resort in Colorado. We really needed time away after we all had our go with Covid and the stomach flu. So let’s just put ourselves in an environment filled with people and kids, right!?

I found myself chasing my kids all over the resort since most of the resort was indoors. All the activities were downstairs and our room was on the 3rd floor so frequent trips to the elevators was a must.

Isn’t it funny how we as humans get fascinated with the up or down button? Obviously if it’s lit someone has already pushed it. I see my kids push it and then push it again like it’s going to make the elevator come in an instance. Even adults do the same thing, “Oh you pushed it!?” In their heads and our own we are all thinking, “I don’t know you and for sure don’t trust you, I’ll just nonchalantly go ahead and hit the arrow again…”

But! When the elevator comes we all scramble in with these untrusted strangers into a 6 x 6 box and all scramble with who gets to push the floor button! We hilariously all join in, in perfect harmony when the elevator is full and someone comes running to jump in, we all can agree with no bias towards each other that we have no room! “Sorry we are full!” The door slowly closes and we go silent!

Hoping we don’t have to actually talk to anyone and in todays society hoping no one is going to infect us with whatever new virus is out there…

It makes me think of an airplane. Let’s stand 6ft away in line masked up and then go pile into the cabin now barely six inches apart in our seats.

What I have found interesting in my time in the elevator on our trip was how many people are eager to know where you’re from and how long you’re going to be there. That’s pretty private information but it’s ok to indulge within means. I met a lot of nice people and some that just happen to have been to my home town or lived near it. The world seems to get smaller and smaller.

Of all places we ended up seeing two families we knew from our home town there, the resort was only 7 hours away from our home state but still so random! We did not get to share in the elevator experience with them though..Ha!

As humans I feel we are fed so much fear in the news or tv that when real life happens we get quite the surprise of how fellow citizens of earth are actually nice. What!? Yeah! I believe we will never truly know our neighbors unless we make an effort with a smile or a wave, a small greeting.

We all could all use more peace and love today why not start it with a friendly hello. If your ever in need of a vacation idea that’s kid friendly check out, The Great Wolf Lodge. That have multiple resorts in the US.

Maybe next time I go I will get to share an elevator ride with you!?! Don’t be scared just say, Hi!

Original blog by Kurt Neil

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