An un-disciplined eater in a self-disciplined life

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Who’s Hangry? This may be your mind and stomach battling for control of your next snack or meal. On top of the anger that stirs up with the lack of food or prolonged work schedule right in the middle of that 2pm slump.

Do you find it sad that we think we are starving between meals? Are we actually starving? The body can make it for 3 days without food and water. But not even 3 hours…!?

I have made a regime in the past two years of when I eat and what I eat.

6:30am – Protein shake (I use muscle milk powder/almond milk/ice cubes)

(Coffee with half & half/truvia)

9:00am – Snack (Stringed cheese)

11:30am-12:30pm – Lunch (3 hardboiled eggs/mustard/mayonnaise/paprika)

2:00pm – Snack (Fresh cut veggies with a ranch cup)

4:30pm – snack (This is different everyday)

5:30pm – dinner (A lean protein with 1-2 vegetable options)

8:30pm – Decaf coffee/Half & Half/two Truvia packets (Not every night)

My goal is to drink at least three 16.9oz water bottles or more a day/food and times vary depending on my work schedule.

By looking at the food schedule you’d think the increments of time between meals isn’t all that bad. But for some reason my mind starts wondering if I could squeeze another snack in there. Then my stomach gets involved and it wants to start “aching” in hunger.

The battle begins with the mind and body of how long can we survive this time frame. Self-consciously outside of the mind and body even though really it’s in my mind I’m contemplating what snack I should eat. “Could I make it if I eat my 2pm snack now and then when I get home I’ll eat my 4pm snack…?” or “I could go to the convenience store and grab a small and “healthy” snack…hmm?”

This is the mind and stomach battle everyday. Who’s going to win? Maybe you’re like me and you’re caving into those cravings or lost battles and wondering, “Where did this weight come from?”

I get it. I am currently not in the best physical shape I should be in. Believe me I’ve tried every diet and plan in the world. Some do work and some don’t. But what really takes the cake (No pun intended) on this, is a very common word we all know but hate to admit, SELF-DISCIPLINE. Yuck!

Self-discipline is my kryptonite. Which I find funny. I like routines and schedules, hence my food plan, but I still fight it! I feel I am self-disciplined in other ways but not eating. For instance, I have had the same morning routine since middle school. (Some changes along the years)

I wake up after snoozing my alarm a few times. I take a shower, I dry off, I put on deodorant, I spray my upper body with cologne, I get beard oil, apply it, comb it while blow drying it, I then put lotion on and get dressed. I go to the kitchen and make my lunch and breakfast, I use the same coffee thermos, I get in my truck, I listen to the audio Bible, a podcast or some music. I get to work, I go to my desk and turn on my computer and open the same apps everyday the list goes on and on. So am I self-disciplined or caught up in a viscous life routine, I don’t know.

But food is so hard for me! I’ve mentioned in another blog post about being off plan/routine in the real world. If I have a food plan I do well, once it’s over I fall part. I believe that’s why I did so well using Optavia 5 & 1. It’s plan based and down to each measured amount of food and time.

I am not using Optavia right now. I would like to, it really does help and it helps create healthy eating habits and weight loss. We all can lose weight or maintain our weight. It’s just a matter of who wins, our mind or our stomach. Try Self-discipline. Don’t be like me and be an un-disciplined self-disciplined over eater.

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Original blog by Kurt Neil

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