Thanks & Giving = Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s the middle holiday between Halloween and Christmas the one holiday that’s slowly being skipped over to get to Christmas.

Facts about Thanksgiving can be found at

After many whiny blog entries I’ve made about my weight gain, I looked into using Noom. It’s not a meal planning program or a diet. It’s science based on you. Simple steps to help you make smart choices.

I am currently using the trial version. After the trial it goes to a monthly charge of $29. I’m not positive if I’ll use it yet but right now I love that it’s app based. Tracking each meal, water intake and exercise. I’ve used a similar app from Under Armour. #myfitnesspal

Each app resembles themselves by counting how many calories you need by the amount of weight you plan to lose or gain. One thing I like thus far with Noom is that a health coach is assigned to you and will make personal check in’s with you via the app.

Keto has been my go to for weight loss, but my wife and I conversed this week that Keto is a good and quick weight loss set up for me but not a long term plan. #optavia was a great pre-made food plan for me to lose weight quickly but once I got off the plan my weight climbed back on. Also I feel like Optavia coaches are on track with you as long as you’re buying product, once you’re off the product they disappear.

So, one week in with Noom I’m happy with it, I like that I have control of what I’m eating based on the science of my body. Thanksgiving is this week, can I uphold my newly science food plan or will I succumb to the gluttony of food!?

We will see. Until next time.

Original blog by Kurt Neil

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