Not like this but this is cool

Odd title I know. But this is for real. A real struggle. It’s one thing to have Covid hanging in our face everyday and the election is just another topic…not going there. Nope! This is my struggle, Yo-yo.

I’m a holiday gluttonous foodie Yo-yo. I really am struggling…my history of my body fat has been a life long struggle of Yo-yo. Up and down, up and down and….

It’s the colder season in my neck of the woods and it’s time to prepare for hibernation. That’s a comment my wife made this week. “It’s your time of year to prepare for hibernation.” I laughed. But inside I knew she was right and cried a little, not really. But really this is on my mind all day and as I thought of what I’d write in my blog this afternoon with a spoonful of Nutella in my hand staring out the kitchen window knowing this is a bad afternoon snack. Side note: have you ever tried Nutella out of the jar?

Yesterday I sat in a circle of friends and I looked down at my lap and all I could see was my protruding belly. It was weird, I couldn’t stop staring. I know, I know you’re probably saying to yourself just stop it!! I hear it really I do. I wake up and plan to eat well and I’ll do good for a few hours then splat…I buy a gas station Snack(s). Walking out of there knowingly I don’t need this snack. I don’t need to eat because I have a craving or I’ll be on the road for work.

The sad thing is my wife and I are working hard to teach my daughter about self discipline right now. Being she is almost 11yrs. old she doesn’t get the idea that; what she wants to do gets in the way of what she should be doing. Sound familiar? I’ve been coaching myself mentally of what needs to happen and I have the power to stop eating poorly I just don’t.

I really need help. I need a trainer or a coach. I’ve had issues in my life where I had to get serious help, and it totally paid off. Food is my addiction. My lack of self-discipline when it comes to food is so weak. What if Superman’s kryptonite was food…can you imagine an overweight super hero trying to fly and distracted with the sweet smell of desserts nearby!?

“Sorry Lois Lane I can’t save you today I have to eaaaaaatttt!” Joking aside, addiction is not a joke and I’ve been down this road with other things but food just gets me every time. I’m going to do some searches with some local coaches or online. I will keep you posted with my process. Thanks for reading.

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