Work, kids, life, and gas stations.

The battle as an adult. LIFE! Can we go back to the easy life of being a kid? Work gets busy with deadlines and raising kids and their new phases. It doesn’t stop and somewhere in their we are supposed to have a healthy lifestyle. Speaking of a healthy lifestyle, I have to confess. I’ve let myself succumb to my stress and have eaten my feelings. Work has been stressful with an audit and a new client coming in all in the same month! Plus my wife and I just moved into a new home and our AC unit doesn’t work well…it’s a hot, dry, and unforgiving summer.


When I get into my stress eating I’m one to hit the local gas station for a sweet/salty snack. Here I go walking out of the store with my conscience yelling at me, “This is why you can’t control your weight!” I sometimes talk myself into a “healthy” snack which really isn’t very healthy. But it feels good at that time to fight of the stress of my day with food.

Food is my kryptonite. I do like to be healthy but I also like to eat. I just miss a good ol’ fashion greasy burger, fries and a milkshake. Mmmm now I’m hungry. Let’s be honest; if healthy food or natural food sources were more affordable would you eat healthy? I think I would try.

I’d say if I have a beach vacation or a cruise in my planner this year it would be a good prompting for me to get the sexy body but…the way things are right now that’s not looking so promising. My physique is challenging. I’m 6’2”, a long torso and short legs, weird I know being I’m over six foot. Shirts are hard to come by that fit my torso. My weight settles in my stomach first then slowly moved everywhere else. I get the spare tire look.

Maybe I’m born with it or maybe it’s Mabeline! (Sorry commercial pun) My mom struggles with her weight like I do. We are both roller coaster weight enthusiasts. Either I’m up in weight then she’s down and vice versa. We are both stress eaters.

My wife is a champ. If she could get a medal for consistency she’d have them all. She came from a family of diabetics and swore to herself she’d never get overweight and unhealthy. Even as I write this she’s talking to me about doing her nightly workouts. She’s amazingly fit and never thinks she’s making progress. I’m her biggest fan. I look to her for motivation more than she knows. She always pushes me to eat better and to workout…sometimes it’s a bit much but I know she has a fear of me getting sick or dying too young. I get it. It is very important to be healthy and to take care of yourself. I hope I can say when I’m older I tried my best even when it was tough or I fought off my stress with good habits.

What is your motivation? As you read this what were you thinking of that makes you fight to be healthy? Who or what helps you stay in the game? Please let me know I’d like to learn from you.

Thanks for reading.

Original blog by Kurt Neil

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