Who knew a week, day and/or even an hour would be so good for my mental health.

Referring to my last blog post about the CEO who got rid of Twitter on his cell phone and decided to carry a book and a journal; I thought I’d try his method. After I read about it I deleted my Facebook, Snapchat, and a few other unused apps from my own cell phone automatically.

Total disconnect

I never knew how much time I have been spending on Social Media. I do use it for business and this blog but other than just perusing or scrolling endlessly why do I even bother? Do I really care about the noise? Do I really need to see everyone else’s life and be missing out on my own life?

My plan

Here’s what I did. I found a book on my nightstand and an old journal that I was using as a prayer journal. I turned this journal into a thoughts journal. I started to read and then wrote down my thoughts or words I didn’t know. I also got the dictionary app so I could look up the words and write down the explanation.

It sounds kind of boring and too educational but with extra time off of social media what else could I do? The crazy thing about all of this is, was my phone turned into a phone again, just calls and texts. No notifications staring at me or ringing at me every few seconds. Like trained monkeys I was no longer a slave to the power of a notification.


Here are my pros:

1. My phone wasn’t constantly in my hands/face.

2. My mind felt calm and easier to fall asleep.

3. I had more focus at work.

4. I finished two books I forgot I started.

5. I was more attentive to my wife and kids.

6. I went to bed earlier.

7. My mood was better.


1. I had no idea what my friends were doing.

2. I wasn’t able to use it for business marketing.

3. I felt disconnected from the world. (This may be a pro as well)


So what I realized is that my “friends” online don’t really communicate outside of social media. Do these friends actually have my phone number? Are we just online friends? Would I even call them friends? Even family fits in here too.

I’ve found that what I post online is a sad plea for acceptance from people I don’t even know. A plea for someone to think I’m cool, smart, intelligent or an influencer.

Am I believing the lie that I need to be on social media to be in the know? Have we all fallen into the inner-web’s web?

What now? What do you think? Is social media a tool? Yes, I believe it’s very useful and a great way to connect people in good and yes, bad. Will society continue to use it? Probably so. Do I discount others for using it? No.

I do encourage you to take a social media break. Call it a mental vacation/holiday for your mind. Try it for a day or even a couple of hours. Take a moment for a walk, read a book or blog, journal, use your phone to call your friends and family.

If social media is your main source of communication or your line of work use a computer or laptop to get on but take it off your phone or tablets for awhile. Sign out, make it hard to get online.

I think I’ll use social media like a dessert. Just a little bit on occasion and not all day long. Thanks for reading.

Original blog by Kurt Neil

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