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This is my 4th week with Optavia 5 & 1 Optimal program. This is the second time I’ve used the program. The first time through I was shedding fat and dropping inches like crazy, I was amazed by how fast I was losing weight. Now on my second time through things are different. In my first two weeks I lost 10 pounds, and by the third week only 1/2 a pound. I consulted with my coach and she said to add a fueling to my day if I’m being more active. Or if I was stressed maybe it was keeping the weight on.

So, I am not stressed but I am more active at work so I figured the more active work week would actually help push the weight loss even more. But it hasn’t. I thought maybe it was constipation but I have been regular. This is weird, why is the weight staying on this time around…? Maybe it’s part of getting older or the products I’m using isn’t effective anymore? I don’t know…I’m frustrated!

I’ll get with my coach again and check back in with everyone. Thanks for reading and if you haven’t seen my channel on Youtube check it out. Have a good week!

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